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Over the past 18 months Serevi has been travelling the nation running programming specifically designed to act as a rugby pathway for players looking to progress from youth to elite level rugby. Serevi Rugby Training Camps offer a unique blend of 7s and 15s situation drills and games. This progression-based system provides the building blocks for players to excel in all areas of rugby. 

Focus areas include:
• Core rugby skills
• Spatial awareness
• Breakdown and tackle technique
• Attacking and defensive strategy
• Decision making
• Set piece play

Players are segmented into groups by age and ability to maximize the learning process throughout camp. In these groups, players rotate to a different Serevi coach every drill. The Serevi Rotation System is designed expose players to multiple coaches over the course of the day(s).  This increases the knowledge intake of all players and creates for a rich and unique rugby experience.

The Serevi Rugby Training Camp coaching staff consists of players and coaches from all around the world: Fiji, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and South America. Every coach brings with them their own unique style and background, but they all share a passion for developing rugby in the United States.

Serevi Rugby Training Camps

If you are a player or know someone that wants to take rugby to the next level,  sign up for the next Serevi Rugby Training Camp and become the player you want to be.  For more information contact