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With increasing access to quality camps, teams, and competitions, female athletes are seizing the opportunity to participate in the only full-contact field sport available to them.

It is an exciting time for rugby, women’s rugby is no longer just a recreational sport in North America. There are many great opportunities for female athletes interested in getting involved: 

Sevens rugby will debut at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.
The International Rugby Board (IRB) inaugurated the Women’s Rugby Sevens World Series for the 2013/14 circut, with tournaments in Dubai, Atlanta, Brazil, China, and Netherlands.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has designated women’s rugby as an emerging sport, encouraging colleges to create varsity women’s rugby programs and offer scholarships. Recently, Harvard University joined other universities in creating full varsity status for women’s rugby and more universities are expected to follow suit over the next several years.

Serevi® aims to provide support by: 

Growing the pool of athletes for the next Olympic Games, by identifying young athletes and integrating them into our High Performance Programs.
Informing and educating female athletes about the opportunities that rugby offers them.
Providing quality developmental programming and exposure to women's national team coaches.
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