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What ages and skill levels do your camps cover?

We cover the rugby development spectrum from Minis (ages 4-6), Elementary (ages 7-11), Middle School (ages 12-14), High School (15-19) and Adult (18+). Where more than one age group is represented on the pitch, athletes are segmented by age & ability to ensure safety and to provide appropriate stretch to each athlete. 


 Is rugby really safe?

Like any sport, rugby has inherent risks. That said, rugby's injury rate is actually less than many other sports because athletes are taught to tackle and be tackled safely, with head to the side and arms wrapped. It is illegal to lead with the head in rugby.

What's more, we emphasize operating in space and spend very little time in contact drills. With very limited exceptions, we do not expose athletes to contact drills until they are older than 14. 


Do the coaches have background checks?

Yes, they do.  In fact, our entire staff has been screened!  Safety in every aspect is important to us.


Do the coaches have first aid training?

Yes. Our coaches are periodically trained and certified in basic first aid and come to the field equipped with first aid kits. We also have incident reporting procedures to ensure that any camp injuries are properly communicated to parents and documented.


What are the benefits of attending a Serevi® camp?

The Serevi® System is equal parts fitness, core skills & fun. Athletes will focus both on tangible rugby skills and intangibles such as teamwork, sportsmanship, character and determination.

In practical terms, many of our crossover athletes report seeing the field or court in a whole different way when they re-engage in other sports as rugby requires and builds great vision and decision making on both offense and defense.