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Headquartered in Seattle, Serevi® serves as a platform to grow the game of rugby in North America and beyond.

Founded in 2010 by Waisale Serevi and his Seattle-based partners, Serevi has now grown well beyond its roots in the American Northwest to provide professional rugby development programming through the youth to elite pipeline in North America and in spots around the globe.




To be the globally recognized platform for young people to progressively discover, enjoy and excel through rugby.

The vision of our founders and the values they hold dear infuse our work – whether it’s in youth programming, in our talent identification camps, in our coaching of National Teams, in our international work, in our coach the coaches sessions or in our branded apparel.

The Serevi Rugby team draws from points all around the globe. We hail from the U.S., England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and beyond. A passion for rugby bonds us. A shared commitment is to growing the game in the most professional manner possible drives us. 




Serevi Rugby combines unparalleled rugby depth and expertise with the sport’s unique values and character to grow the game and improve the quality of play around the world. We teach a sport. We build and represent a global community.

Our founders and partners are determined to give back to the game that has given them so much:  professional success, values, friendships, global savvy and broad perspective.

The Serevi Rugby brand plays on the game’s inherent contrasts. Players exhibit both brutal physicality and graceful improvisation. The game can be both technically complex but blissfully simple at its finest moments. Rugby’s fierce tribalism on pitch is eclipsed by its enveloping global camaraderie off pitch. At the end of the day, we’re all Joyful Warriors and share the game. Anyone who saw Waisale Serevi play – a humble, compact man from a tiny island nation with a big game and a bigger smile – knows what our brand represents. 




Rugby teaches goal-setting, commitment, teamwork, tenacity and discipline. The game also offers unique opportunities to develop physically, mentally and socially. Men, women, boys, and girls of all body shapes have a place and a common set of rules in our game. Rugby’s welcoming sense of community draws people in and often keeps them for life.


Rugby uniquely positions young athletes to perform well in the broader world in which they will live. Specifically, it prepares athletes:

• To make quick decisions. Every player in rugby is a play maker and a decision maker.

• To recognize the time and place for teamwork and for improvisation.

• To seize opportunities.

• To display unflinching personal integrity vis a vis teammates, opponents and officials.

• To face and address physical challenges, learning to positively manage the emotions of fear, anger and frustration.

• To be resilient and to persevere 

• To be global citizens, enjoying the cultural perspectives afforded by rugby travel, teammates and traditions.

Quite simply, these are the gifts that we all want to give our kids and find in our colleagues, teammates and friends. 



About the Crown

Rugby fans worldwide anointed Waisale Serevi the King of 7s® and a legend on the pitch. We took inspiration for the Serevi® crown from the South Seas royalty and collaborated it with the fan-inaugurated nobility of our founders and let that drive our corporate logo. Its horizontal black & white bands echo the iconic stripes associated with rugby uniforms worldwide. The crown’s prongs suggest canoe paddles, acknowledging the rich voyaging traditions of Pacific Island people and the culture of our beloved sport. As a nod to our founders’ prowess, the Serevi Crown sits atop our logo. Long live the King, long live rugby.


serevi rugby logo