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SoCal YMCASerevi Rugby® California

has proudly joined forces with the local YMCA network to bring rugby to hundreds of kids in greater San Diego. The partnership has been so well received that we’re looking to expand joint programming into the rest of the state.

We’re currently working with local YMCAs on after-school programming and special visit days. We ramp it during breaks in the school calendar, providing rugby modules incorporated into the YMCA’s day-long programming.. Looking ahead to summer 2013, Serevi Rugby® will rotate between 12 San Diego area YMCA branches, providing first-rate, safe rugby instruction to thousands of boys and girls.

Serevi Rugby’s expert coaching staff features current USA National Team players and future Olympians. We’re all excited about introducing rugby to a new swath of boys and girls and to giving back to the game that has meant so much to us.

“This is a huge opportunity to introduce boys and girls to a non-traditional sport most of us have never participated in. I am grateful to the South Bay YMCA and Serevi Rugby® for teaming up to give kids an opportunity to experience something new in the world of recreation,” said Buck Martin, Chula Vista’s Director of Recreation.

Watch this space for a full calendar of our summer 2013 YMCA locations.

Serevi SoCal Rugby

If you are interested in participating in a Serevi Rugby® Youth Camp in California please email us at