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What Is Serevi® Rugby Academy? 

With participation in rugby growing at a fast rate in the US and around the world, and rugby now back as an Olympic sport in Rio 2016 for both Men and Women the opportunities for talented and aspiring players to play and perform on the world stage has never been greater. 

With this exciting developments arriving into the world of rugby the challenge is now to provide the platform from which talented athletes can gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to put themselves in the best possible position to project themselves and make this dream a reality.

That’s where the Serevi® Rugby Academy comes in, we are excited to offer this great program which has purposely build an environment in which the young player can develop and strive to be constantly better, under the direction and nurturing of our team of world class coaches. The Serevi® Rugby Academy is committed to give every player a firm foundation in the multi-disciplined skills required to be an Elite rugby player. The program will include and cover all aspects from Skill acquisition, Decision Making, Game Appreciation, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning alongside Life skills that transcend sport but is as key to Elite athletes as they are to our Business Leaders such as Time Management, Punctuality, Self Confidence, Communication skills and Leadership.

The three Serevi® Rugby Academies in Seattle, Chicago and San Diego are independently operated by Serevi Rugby® and currently form half of the USA Rugby-sanctioned academy network.

Why this program?

In our capacity as official youth development partner of USA Rugby, we have frequent discussions about the evolution of our sport in the United States. One recurring theme is the need to expose more young athletes to the game and then to progress them through to National Team play. More immediately, National Team coaches need broader and more frequent exposure to a wider swath of athletes. Serevi® Rugby Academy addresses both needs:  player development and talent identification.

Who is eligible?

Serevi® Rugby Academy is open to both male and female athletes:

  • Boy's Junior:     ages 10 to 13        
  • Boy's Senior:     ages 14 to 16
  • Men's Elite:        ages 17+
  • Girl's Junior:      ages 10 to 15
  • Women's Elite:  ages 16+


There is currently a limited amount of flexibility for athletes whose skills and abilities merit a level of training beyond their age bracket. That said, we are quite strict about age grades when it comes to contact.

Junior & Senior athletes should expect two field sessions and one strength & conditioning session per week. Elite athletes should expect one field session and two strength & conditioning sessions per week.

Whether you aspire to be a National Team/Olympic rugby athlete one day or you simply want to maximize your potential, Serevi® Academy is for you. We hope to see you soon.

What should I expect?

You should expect Serevi® Academy to make you faster, fitter, stronger and smarter. Rugby is physically demanding, but at the core a thinker’s game. We will help you become a student and reader of the game. We will teach you to train like a professional and to push past obstacles. We will teach you to make better decisions and to do so consistently.

What makes this program qualified?

Our team features three of the most accomplished rugby players of all time in Waisale Serevi, Ben Gollings and Santiago Gomez Cora. Not only are they the best to play the game, but they are also excellent coaches and focused on giving back to the game that gave them so much.

Around them, they have assembled an incredible team that features Justin Fitzpatrick and Evan Haigh in Seattle; Aaron Manheimer in Chicago and Matthew Hawkins in San Diego. Add to that a host of coaches from Australia, Fiji, South Africa, and New Zealand and you’ve got the makings of a rich program.

How do I sign up?

Registration is quite simple. Athletes over the age of 18 and parents of athletes younger than 18 fill out our registration materials and pay a registration fee.

In subsequent months, fees will be billed on the first of the month and be as follows:

Junior: $225  /  Senior:  $250  /  Elite: $275

What do I need?

The requirements are pretty straight forward. In addition to your boots and mouth guard, all you really need is a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard and a thirst to learn. We’ll supply everything else.

What if I have questions or wish to register?

If you have questions or wish to register, please email us at:



San Diego: (San Diego to launch in 2014)

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.