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Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, CA
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Get the full rugby experience! Develop your skills and learn from the best. Meet your National Team at the Nations Cup Girls Rugby Skills Camp and then receive complementary entrance into two great women’s international matches! Never tried the sport before? This is the perfect opportunity to give it a go in a safe and fun environment. Groups will be segmented by age and ability so there is a place for everyone.

This year's Training Camp will be led by International Rugby Players  Emilie Bydwell  and Matt Hawkins and the Serevi Rugby® crew of international assistant coaches. This is going to be an incredible rugby experience for players of wide ranging abilities (we segment based on age & ability to ensure that everyone is appropriately challenged).

There's no better place to be noticed  -- Serevi Rugby® is now officially part of the Olympic Indentification System. 


  • A one day Skills Training Camp  for ages 10 - 18  on Saturday, June 14th, 1pm - 3pm 


  • Athletes will be grouped by age & ability:
             Elite: 16+
             Senior: 12-15
             Junior: 7-11
  • Focus will be on execution of core rugby skills with increasing amounts of game-like pressure
  • Day will combine game play, game scenarios and drills
  • Players will rotate in their groups from coach to coach



  • Catch and pass with speed and pressure progressions
  • Decision making
  • Defensive technique
  • Ruck and breakdown
  • Defensive decision making
  • Situational games
  • Game play 


  • You get to learn from a USA Eagles players and National team calibre coaches
  • Past participants have raved about this programming and the difference it made in their games
  • The difference between your skills at 1pm  and 3pm  will be remarkable, We promise!
  • It's just plain fun

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