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Fiji Islands

3 Days of Rugby Community Outreach
Fiji Islands
  • Fiji Islands
  • Schedule 11/12 thru 11/14
  • view map Venue Lawaqa Park PO Box 1473 Sigatoka Sigatoka, Fiji Islands FJ 696
  • Playing Surface Grass
  • Flyer View Flyer
  • Callison Pine Chemicals
Monday 12th November
12 noon - 4pm Drauniivi primary school (Ra)

Tuesday 13th November
9am-12noon Lololo Primary School (Lautoka)
1:30pm- 4pm Nawaka District School (Nadi)

Wednesday 14th November
10am- 1pm Tau District School (Sigatoka) 

Friday 15th November - Sunday 17th November
Coral Coast Tournament

                             Rugby Kings - International Programming

                      Ben Gollings                       Santiago Gomez Cora                Waisale Serevi

Serevi Rugby Kings

Formerly fierce rivals on the pitch, the three are now friends and business partners here at Serevi Rugby® devoted to growing the game that has taken them to such tremendous heights.

How does the Rugby Kings program work?

• We work in advance with the host union to understand needs and construct an appropriate plan of attack. We know rugby, but we do not presume to know a given nation’s pathway or high performance programme. We operate within our host’s existing structure on needs they identify.

• We fly an elite team of coaches, including at least one of Wais/Ben/Santi, to the host nation for a period of 7 to 10 days.

• While on the ground, our team works on field and in classroom with youth coaches, promising youth players and if desired the National Teams. In Bermuda, for instance, we run a robust 7s Coaching Course; we run a progression based Training Camp focused on core rugby skills for youth athletes ages 1218; and we provide high performance coaching to the national team, complete with sessions on nutrition, sports psychology and strength/conditioning/recovery.

• We leave behind our observations and suggestions for next steps.

How is Rugby Kings financed?

This programming is financed differently in each location. 

  • Corporate sponsorship. We are extremely grateful for and proud of the corporate backing of XL Insurance in Bermuda; HSBC in Hong Kong; and Callison Pacific Pine in Fiji. In each location, we worked with the host union to define an appropriate partner and worked to achieve mutual benefit. 
  • Host Union Budget. Often, this is our point of entry. The host union covers costs in Year 1 and we use time on the ground to identify and secure corporate sponsorship. 
  • Fund Raising. Our first year in Bermuda, Waisale Serevi spoke at a dinner auction organized by the Bermuda Rugby Football Union. The rugby and sporting communities turned out en masse and raised an enormous amount of money which more than offset the cost of our first visit to the island.

How do I get Rugby Kings in my area?

To enquire about a Rugby Kings visit, please contact Serevi Rugby Chief Operating Officer Eric Sanderson at


Where do I get one of those great tshirts? 

waisale serevi rugby kings tshirt





Case Study - Bermuda Rugby 

The primary segments are as follows: 

7s Coaching Course: designed to address the pent-up demand for quality 7s coaching curriculum. In the absence of solid coaching (input), one can only expect sub-optimal results (output). We give coaches good, solid drills and the rugby vocabulary to go with them.

Youth Training Camp:  progression-based curriculum focused on core rugby skills for youth ages 12-18. We target 200 athletes, with players segmented by age & ability.

National Team Programming:  We work with national team(s) and national team-aspirant athletes and focus on consistent execution of core rugby skills under increasing levels of game-like pressure. Sessions are designed to mimic national team camps.